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Cobweb Castle(1957) Images

Cobweb Castle was released in the year 1957。Cobweb Castle is also called as Kumonosu jô, Seittien linna, Schloß im Spinnwebwald, Macbeth, Kurosawan Macbeth, Château de l'araignée, Blodets trone, Trono de sangre

A transposition of Shakespeare's 'Macbeth' to medieval Japan. After a great military victory, Lords Washizu and Miki are lost in the dense Cobweb Forest, where they meet a mysterious old woman who predicts great things for Washizu and even greater things for Miki's descendants. Once out of the forest, Washizu and Miki are immediately promoted by the Emperor. Washizu, encouraged by his ambitious wife, plots to make even more of the prophecy come true, even if it means killing the Emperor...

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