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Cop(1988) Images

Cop was released in the year 1988。Cop is also called as Cop - kyttä, amb la llei o sense, con ley o sin ella, A Arte do Crime, Indagine ad alto rischio, Um Policial Acima da Lei, Glina

Lloyd Hopkins, a hard-boiled American police detective is on the trail of a mass murderer who is victimizing women in Los Angeles. The pursuit leads him through a world that has become his own natural habitat - a nasty world of crime, drugs, prostitution and male hustlers where "innocence kills" and continued exposure corrupts. Paradoxically, it's also a world of love, secret admirers, romantic feminist poets and modern chivalry. And for the viewer, it's the background for an exciting, suspense movie.

Cop Actors and Actresses

Cop actors and actresses include Charles Durning, Lesley Ann Warren, Raymond J. Barry

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