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Cudowne dziecko(1987) Images

Cudowne dziecko was released in the year 1987。Cudowne dziecko is also called as Ihmepoika, Jeune magicien, Jonge magier, Jonge tovenaar, A Kis mágus, Nearos magos, Pequeño gran mago, Peters magiska kraft, Kleine Magier

A 12-year boy feels left out by his classmates because he has no interest in athletics. He finally discovers his calling when his parents take him to a magic show. Picked by the magician to be his helper during a trick he is drawn into the world of magic and wants to learn more. He becomes proficient in tricks and also discovers his telekinetic powers. Unfortunately that further alienates him from his peers and his parents are afraid of his powers. Things change when a national emergency arises and the government asks him to help. After success he becomes a hero and is accepted by all.

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