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Curious George was released in the year 2006。Curious George is also called as Nicke nyfiken, Coco - Der neugierige Affe, George le petit curieux, George, O Curioso, Georges le petit curieux, Utelias Vili, Jorge el curioso, Curioso come George

Ted, works as a guide at the Bloomsberry museum, sent on a 'business' trip of sorts by the museum's owner, to find a Zagawa shrine, he encounters a playfully mischievous and curious monkey...actually a chimp who he nicknames 'George' after the George Washinghton statue. His trip being less than a success, he returns stateside, only to find George wanting to return Ted's hat, has stowed away on-board Ted's boat. Back in the states Ted finds himself lumbered with George, who can't help but make Ted's life even more hectic than it already is.

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