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Dauriya(1971) Images

Dauriya was released in the year 1971。Dauriya is also called as Даурия, Dauria

An epic about the traditional life of Cossacks in the Siberian province of Dauria at the time of the communist revolution. Focused on a Cossack village that is living like one big family under the guidance of a strong leader - Ataman (Kopelyan). Young Cossack Roman Ulybin (V. Solomin) is in love with beautiful Dashutka (Golovina). Roman is asking his father Severian Ulybin (Shelokhonov) to send a Matchmaker before it's too late. But a wealthy crook has already hired the Matchmaker, and his son gets married at the lavish traditional wedding with singing, dancing and drinking in the Russian style. So, frustrated Roman Ulybin is leaving his father's home to follow his big brother Vasili. And, after the revolution the villagers are suffering a cascade of troubles.

Dauriya Actors and Actresses

Dauriya actors and actresses include Igor Yefimov, Vitali Solomin

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