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Dawn at Socorro was released in the year 1954。Dawn at Socorro is also called as Opgør ved daggry, Duell in Sokorro, Duell in Socorro, Duell i gryningen, Alborada de sangre, Alba di fuoco

Brett Wade, gambler, gunslinger, and classical pianist, is wounded in a gunfight with the Ferris clan; the doctor finds signs of tuberculosis. En route to Colorado for his health, Brett stops in Socorro, New Mexico along with Ferris gunfighter Jimmy Rapp. Sheriff Couthen fears another shootout, but what Brett has in mind is saving waif-with-a-past Rannah Hayes from a life as one of Dick Braden's saloon girls.

Dawn at Socorro Actors and Actresses

Dawn at Socorro actors and actresses include Paul Brinegar, Piper Laurie

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