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Defending Your Life was released in the year 1991。Defending Your Life is also called as Um Visto Para o Céu, Rendezvous im Jenseits, Rendez-vous au paradis, Prossima fermata: paradiso, Matkalla taivaaseen, Himlen - tur eller retur?, Em Defesa da Vida, Cielo próximamente, Camino al paraíso

Yuppie Daniel Miller is killed in a car accident and goes to Judgment City, a waiting room for the afterlife. During the day, he must prove in a courtroom-style process that he successfully overcame his fears (a hard task, given the pitiful life we are shown); at night, he falls in love with Julia, the only other young person in town. Nights are a time of hedonistic pleasure, since you can (for instance) eat all you want without getting fat.

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