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Deterrence was released in the year 1999。Deterrence is also called as Situation critique, Minutos extremos, Deterrence - Die Welt in Atem, A Crise dos Mísseis

After the death of the President, his successor (Kevin Polack) is on the campaign trail to be re-elected. On a stop in Colorado, he is suddenly snowed in and he and his entourage are forced to take shelter in a small diner. Of course, the group completely take over from the diner's owner (Badja Djola) and his French-Canadian waitress (Clotilde Courau). Also in the diner is a local redneck (Sean Astin) and a married couple. Suddenly, the movie moves into a suspense film as the President learns that Iraq has invaded Kuwait and slaughtered hundreds of American soldiers. Setting up temporary communications, the President announces that he will launch a nuclear attack on Iraq immediately if the country does not withdraw. Iraq reacts that they have 23 nuclear missiles trained on the US that they are ready to launch. Tensions mount with the involved civilians offering a different viewpoint to the President from the normal opinions of his advisors.

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