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Diet was released in the year 2002。Diet is also called as Meat

A tale of power struggles in the contemporary American family.     A midwestern husband (with a proper midwestern love for meat) finds himself in the clutches of a forced diet mandated by his wife.  Desperately longing for a taste of greasy, fatty steak but unable to stand up to his wife's threats, blackmail and bland salads, the husband takes to trolling for half-eaten burgers in the company trash.  Unfortunately, his wife has him followed and every time he gets near a piece of juicy sumptuous flesh, there's someone lurking in the shadows.     Plagued by repeated carnivorous interuptus and tortured by the planning of a barbecue he knows he can't attend, the husband breaks, fleeing his house in search of joyous, artery-clogging meat.  With his wife on the treadmill, he has six minutes to get out, get some meat, and get back in.   

Diet Actors and Actresses

Diet actors and actresses include Jeff Clampitt, Mike Meiners

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