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Dirt was released in the year 2001。Dirt is also called as Dumber Than Dirt

When the mother of Junior and his younger brother Scooter, twenty-something, dies, they realize they need a woman around the house, since they haven't a clue how to cook or keep house. Their first attempts, with hookers and strippers, are disastrous. But when they kidnap DeDe from the grocery store, they find someone that's eager for an excuse to leave her abusive husband (who also happens to be the local sheriff). He takes revenge and burns down their ramshackle house, leaving them broke. No problem, they've got their guns, and they start robbing the local bank, which actually likes the excitement, especially since the boys are so polite about it.

Dirt Actors and Actresses

Dirt actors and actresses include Jack Kehler, Jennifer Tilly, Olivia Rosewood, Patrick Warburton

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