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Disintegration was released in the year 2007。

Charles Wilcox III tries to stabilize his deteriorating life after the death of his Grand Dad, who funded his graduate work in religious studies. His major professor, Dr. Robert Lee Nelson, tries to secure a grant from the little-known Scholars Foundation. Incredibly, Wilcox's research on the Nephilim turns out be deadly accurate. They exist, and have lived quietly among countless generations of mortals since before the Great Flood. The Nephilim have a mission and a mysterious connection with the Scholars Foundation - and Charles unknowingly has a double dose of trouble. He has the blood of the Nephilim in his veins and he threatens a soul they are bound to protect. The Scholars Foundation has more than a passing interest in Charles, an interest that proves dangerous for Charles and Dr. Nelson alike.

Disintegration Actors and Actresses

Disintegration actors and actresses include Peabo Powell, Sonny Landham

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