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Dlugie pozegnanie was released in the year 1973。Dlugie pozegnanie is also called as The Long Goodbye, Llarg adéu, Largo adiós, Pitkät jäähyvä, Lungo addio, Långt farväl, Adiós peligroso, A Hosszú búcsú, Tod kennt keine Wiederkehr

Chain-smoking, wisecracking private eye Philip Marlowe drives a buddy from LA to the Tijuana border and returns home to an apartment full of cops who arrest him for abetting the murder of his friend's wife. After Marlowe's release, following the reported suicide in Mexico of his friend, a beautiful woman hires him to locate her alcoholic and mercurial husband. Then, a hoodlum and his muscle visit to tell Marlowe that he owes $350,000, mob money the dead friend took to Mexico. Marlowe tails the hood, who goes to the house of the woman with the temperamental husband. As Marlowe pulls these threads together, his values emerge from beneath the cavalier wisecracking.

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