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Dodge City(1939) Images

Dodge City was released in the year 1939。Dodge City is also called as Conquérants, Dodge, ciudad sin ley, Avventurieri, Lännen valloittajat, Landet bortom lagen, Vida Nova, Herr des wilden Westens

Dodge City. A wide-open cattle town run by Jeff Surrett. Even going on a children's Sunday outing is not a safe thing to do. What the place needs is a fearless honest Marshal. A guy like Wade Hatton, who helped bring the railroad in. It may not help that he fancies Abbie Irving, who won't have anything to do with him since he had to shoot her brother. But that's the West.

Dodge City Actors and Actresses

Dodge City actors and actresses include Ann Sheridan, Olivia de Havilland, Ward Bond

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