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Don Juan DeMarco was released in the year 1995。Don Juan DeMarco is also called as Don Juan DeMarco and the Centerfold, Don Juan De Marco maestro d'amore, Don Juan de Marco

A young man (who is the legendary Don Juan?), comes to New York in search of his lost love. Feeling like he has nothing to live for, he attempts to commit suicide from atop a billboard. Dr. Mickler, (played by Marlon Brando), is a soon retiring psychiatrist who helps Don Juan (Johnny Depp), come to his senses. He brings the costumed boy to the psychiatric hospital , in hopes of helping Don Juan find his identity. The doctor works with him for ten days, in which Don tells his life story. Mickler begins to believe that the young man is truly Don Juan, but the rest of the staff doesn't agree. The doctor knows that the only way out for Don Juan, is to pretend he's an average boy whose fantasy got the best of him.

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