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Down the Ancient Stairs was released in the year 1975。Down the Ancient Stairs is also called as Per le antiche scale, Vertiges, Por las antiguas escaleras, En descendant les marches d'antan, Down the Ancient Staircase

A mental hospital somewhere in Tuscany during the thirties. Far away from fascism, this closed world is rules over by Dr. Bonaccorsi, a passionate benevolent psychiatrist whose dream is to isolate the germ of madness. He is also a very active ladies'man and makes three women benefit from his sexual itch: Francesca the hospital manager's wife, Bianca, his devoted nurse and Carla, a nymphomaniac doctor's wife. His well-ordered universe starts being challenged with the coming of Anna, a trainee psychiatrist, who disapproves of his theory on the origin of madness. Worse, she resists his advances. As Bonaccorsi is more insecure than he looks, what will become of him?

Down the Ancient Stairs Actors and Actresses

Down the Ancient Stairs actors and actresses include Marcello Mastroianni

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