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Dragonwyck(1946) Images

Dragonwyck was released in the year 1946。Dragonwyck is also called as Turha oli unelmani, Gebändigte Frau, Fåfäng var min dröm, Château du dragon, Castillo de Dragonwyck, Castelo de Dragonwyck, Castello di Dragonwyck

In 1844, farmer's daughter Miranda Wells is invited by Nicholas Van Ryn, distant relation, to live in his mansion as companion to his daughter. Arriving in high hopes, Miranda finds the Van Ryns a bit strange. The parents barely know daughter Katrine; Nicholas faces a revolt of his tenant farmers; the servants hint darkly of curses and visitations. And what does Nicholas really do up in his tower room?

Dragonwyck Actors and Actresses

Dragonwyck actors and actresses include Anne Revere, Gene Tierney, Harry Morgan, Walter Huston

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