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Dream for an Insomniac was released in the year 1996。Dream for an Insomniac is also called as Sogno di Franki, Rêve pour une insomniaque, Nuvi dels meus somnis, Novio de mis sueños, Kundi kuin unelma, Conquista Explosiva, Cafe Blue Eyes - Schlafloses Verlangen, Blue Eyes, Olhos de Sinatra, Alma de Poeta

A girl with insomnia who works in a coffee house (Ione Skye) has impossibly high standards for her love and fears she will never meet a worthy man. Then in walks a new employee (Mackenzie Astin) and they click - until she discovers he has a girlfriend. Undaunted, she moves to L.A. with a friend (Jennifer Aniston) sure that he will dump the girlfriend and follow her. She puts all her faith in fate and hopes for the best.

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