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Dream Wife(1953) Images

Dream Wife was released in the year 1953。Dream Wife is also called as Sposa sognata, Ihannevaimo, Esposa ideal, Drömhustrun, Du und keine andere

Clemson Reade, a business tycoon with marriage on his mind, and Effie, a U.S. diplomat, are a modern couple. Unfortunately there seems to be too much business and not enough pleasure on the part of Effie. When Clemson meets Tarji, a princess trained in all the arts of pleasing men, he decides he wants an old fashioned girl. Princess Tarji's father is king of oil-rich Bukistan. Because of the oil situation and to maintain good political relations during the courtship between Clemson & Tarji, the State Department assigns a diplomat to maintain protocol until the wedding. Effie!

Dream Wife Actors and Actresses

Dream Wife actors and actresses include Cary Grant, Deborah Kerr, Steve Forrest, Walter Pidgeon

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