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Duo luo tian shi(1995) Images

Duo luo tian shi was released in the year 1995。Duo luo tian shi is also called as Doh lok tin si, Helgon i neon, Fallna änglar, Bukott angyalkák, Anges déchus, Angeli perduti, Ángeles caídos, Fallen Angels

A disillusioned killer embarks on his last hit but first he has to overcome his affections for his cool, detached partner. Thinking it's dangerous and improper to become involved with a colleague he sets out to find a surrogate for his affections. Against the sordid and surreal urban nightscape (set in contemporary Hong Kong), he crosses path with a strange drifter looking for her mysterious ex-boyfriend and an amusing mute trying to get the world's attention in his own unconventional ways.

Duo luo tian shi Actors and Actresses

Duo luo tian shi actors and actresses include Charlie Yeung, Takeshi Kaneshiro

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