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Edward Scissorhands was released in the year 1990。Edward Scissorhands is also called as Edward mani di forbice, Edward Saksehånd, Edward Mãos de Tesoura, Eduardo Manostijeras, Eduardo Mãos de Tesoura, Joven manos de tijera, Edward mit den Scherenhänden, Edward aux mains d'argent

A modern day fairy tale which tells the story of Edward, the man created by an inventor, who died before finishing him and left Edward with scissors where he should have hands. One day when the local "Avon" representative calls at the historic mansion where Edward has been living alone, she takes him home to stay with her family. He has to adapt to the new life and environment that he isn't used to. Soon he shows a talent in cutting hair and hedges, and wins every body's heart. But life isn't always so sweet...

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