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Efialtis apo to parelthon was released in the year 2005。Efialtis apo to parelthon is also called as Blood Deep

A reunion of childhood friends turns deadly when one of the guests unwittingly admits to murder. In 1985 a missing boy's charred remains are found in a vacant field. Nineteen years later a gathering of old friends reveals a deadly secret behind the teenager's disappearance. Katie Spencer returns to her estranged hometown for the first time since leaving for college, fifteen years earlier. Bequeathed her recently deceased Grandmother's estate Katie is soon overwhelmed with nostalgia and childhood friends. In attendance are Cal, who still carries a flame for Katie, although he is recently married to Allison; Sean and Jacob, brothers who have suddenly, and tragically, inherited an enormous family fortune; Wil, a long time suitor of Katie's; and Katie's best friend, Robin, who brings along college roommate Eliza, a psychology student trained in hypnosis. Eliza's talents soon become the life of the party, but, while under hypnosis, one of the guests unwittingly confesses to murder. Before the night is over the killing will begin again.

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