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Ejszaka was released in the year 1961。Ejszaka is also called as Notte, La, Noc, Noaptea, Lyla, Gece, Dare e avere, Natten, A Noite, Noche

Giovanni, a sucessful writer, and his wife Lydia visit their friend Tommaso who is dying in hospital. After their visit Giovanni goes to a promotion party for his new book, Lydia visits their old living area of Milano. They meet back at home and decide to visit the party of a billionaire, who wants Giovanni to write a book about the history of his company. Both have flirts, and they both notice this fact. Lydia phones the hospital and is informed, that Tommaso is dead. In the morning she tells her husband that she doesn't love him anymore.

Ejszaka Actors and Actresses

Ejszaka actors and actresses include Jeanne Moreau, Marcello Mastroianni

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