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Elmer Gantry(1960) Images

Elmer Gantry was released in the year 1960。Elmer Gantry is also called as Huijarisaarnaaja, Fuego y la palabra, Figlio di giuda, Ni bendito ni maldito, Entre Deus e o Pecado, le charlatan, Elmer Gantry - Gott ist im Geschäft, Falso Pregador

Elmer Gantry, salesman, teams up with Sister Sharon Falconer, evangelist, to sell religion to America in the 1920's. They make enough money to build a temple, and Sister Sharon falls for Elmer. Elmer, is tested by temptation and almost capitulates, but is then wrongly accused by the jilted temptress. But Sharon stands by her man and truth prevails, until both are seduced by fame and blind faith over common sense, and fate deals them a crushing blow.

Elmer Gantry Actors and Actresses

Elmer Gantry actors and actresses include Burt Lancaster, Norman Leavitt, Patti Page

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