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Elskende ved polarcirklen(1998) Images

Elskende ved polarcirklen was released in the year 1998。Elskende ved polarcirklen is also called as Amantes del Círculo Polar, Los, Liebenden des Polarkreises, Kochankowie z Kregu Polarnego, Erastes tou arktikou kyklou, Elskende ved polarsirkelen, Amanti del circolo polare, Älskande vid polcirkeln, Amants du cercle polaire

Otto and Ana are kids when they meet each other. Their names are palindromes. They meet by chance, people are related by chance. A story of circular lives, with circular names, and a circular place (Círculo polar) where the day never ends in the midnight sun. There are things that never end, and Love is one of them.

Elskende ved polarcirklen Actors and Actresses

Elskende ved polarcirklen actors and actresses include Fele Martínez, Najwa Nimri

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