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En souvenir de nous(2007) Images

En souvenir de nous was released in the year 2007。

Ten years after their unforgettable summer holidays at Jeanne's house, Jeanne has committed suicide and Marielle and her sister Colombe go back there for the funeral. At the house, they meet Pascal, a neighbor whom Jeanne was madly in love with, and Leo, Pascal's daughter, who is now almost twenty. During the holidays all those years ago, Marielle was pregnant and too afraid to tell her husband. She has since divorced and her son, Benjamin, is now the same age as Leo was then. These people are reunited after so many years in a kind of hall of mirrors, where past and present reflect one another. During the funeral wake they go over the past, trying to understand why Jeanne committed suicide. Each one must shoulder some responsibility. Colombe, because she shamelessly slept with Pascal. Marielle, who wrote a novel, 'The Fairy Wall', in which she laid bare Jeanne's childhood memories to her readers. But it is Pascal who bears the brunt of the blame.

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