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Entre Amigos was released in the year 1991。Entre Amigos is also called as Queens Logic, Geboren in Queens, Együtt a banda, Sognando Manhattan, Uma Ponte em Nova Iorque, Queensin kingit

When childhood friends Al (Joe Mantegna), Dennis (Kevin Bacon) and Eliot (John Malkovich) get together for Ray's (Ken Olin) wedding, which may or may not happen, they end up on a rollercoaster ride through reality. During one tumultuous, crazy weekend, they face adulthood and each other with new found maturity and discover what Queens Logic is all about. This wonderful, romantic comedy, reminiscent of "The Big Chill," takes a warm and hilarious look at friendship, loyalty, and love. The all-star cast is joined by Jamie Lee Curtis, Chloe Webb, and Tom Waits.

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