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Entre gigantes was released in the year 1998。Entre gigantes is also called as Among Giants, My Sweet Sheffield, Jättiläisten varjossa, Géants, Fra i giganti, Among Giants - Zwischen Himmel und Erde

A manager hires Ray, off the books, to paint all the power towers in a 15-mile stretch of high-tension wires outside Sheffield. Ray's crew of men are friends, especially Ray with Steve, a young Romeo. Into the mix comes Gerry, an Australian with a spirit of adventure and mountain climbing skills. She wants a job, and against the others' advice, who don't want a woman on the job, Ray hires her. Then she and Ray fall in love. He asks her to marry him, gives her a ring. Steve's jealous; Ray's ex-wife complains that he spends on Gerry, not his own kids, and she predicts that Gerry won't stay around. Plus, there's pressure to finish the job fast. Economics, romance, and wanderlust spark the end.

Entre gigantes Actors and Actresses

Entre gigantes actors and actresses include Andy Serkis, Lennie James, Pete Postlethwaite

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