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Escape from L.A. was released in the year 1996。Escape from L.A. is also called as Los Angeles 2013, 2013: rescate en L.A., Briha M'Los Angeles, Escape de Los Angeles, Flucht aus L.A., Fuga da Los Angeles, Fuga de Los Angeles, John Carpenter's Escape from, Flykten från L.A.

The year is 2013 and Snake Plissken is back from Escape From New York. An earthquake has separated Los Angeles from the mainland. In the New Moral America, all citizens not conforming to the new laws (no smoking, no red meat, no Muslims in South Dakota) are deported to L.A., now a penal colony. The President's daughter has stolen a doomsday device and has fled to L.A. It's up to Snake Plissken to find the President's daughter and retrieve the doomsday device before its too late.

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