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Eve 8 - Ausser Kontrolle was released in the year 1991。Eve 8 - Ausser Kontrolle is also called as Eve of Destruction, Ohjelmoitu tappamaan, Ohjelmoitu tappokone, Priorità assoluta, Total Destruction, Uma Explosão de Mulher, W przededniu zaglady, Terminator Woman

Eve is a robot, modelled on "her" creator. Eve's armoury includes a nuclear bomb, which for unexplained reasons is on-board during Eve's testing. When things go wrong during the tests, Eve is lost in the big city. Enter the rescue team, which includes the real (human) Eve. They must find and disarm her before she goes "bang". Eve is programmed to protect herself at all costs, so when she runs into a problem, she resorts to her super strength; hence the destruction.

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