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Eye for an Eye was released in the year 1996。Eye for an Eye is also called as Prossima vittima, Olho por Olho, Göze göz, Eye for an eye: ojo por ojo, Au-delà des lois, Öga för öga, Ojo por ojo, Auge um Auge

After her daughter Julie is brutally raped and murdered, Karen McCaan (Sally Field) is turned down by the LAPD after she requests they keep suspect Robert Doob (Keifer Sutherland) in jail for good instead of paroling him. Nevertheless, the LAPD and the courts do decide to parole him and Karen turns to a group of hit man trainers for help. They teach her how to manage a gun, etc. Eventually, Karen's husband, Mack (Ed Harris), finds out and tries to stop her. Karen backs off. Robert Doob tracks Karen down at the McCaan home and breaks in, hoping to kill her.

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