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Eye of the Devil(1966) Images

Eye of the Devil was released in the year 1966。Eye of the Devil is also called as Cerimonia per un delitto, Djävulska ögat, Mystère des 13, 13, Ojo del diablo, Oog van de duivel, Ondes magt, Mystère des treize

Vineyard owner marquis Philippe de Montfaucon is called back to his castle Bellenac because of another dry season. He asks his wife and children to remain in London, but they still come after him. His wife Catherine de Montfaucon soon discovers that her husband is acting mysteriously and that his employees are following old pagan rituals that call for the life of the marquis himself to save the crops.

Eye of the Devil Actors and Actresses

Eye of the Devil actors and actresses include Deborah Kerr, Donald Pleasence, Sharon Tate

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