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Face au soleil levant was released in the year 1943。Face au soleil levant is also called as Behind the Rising Sun, Tras el sol naciente, Tragico oriente, Japanskt blod, Japanilaista verta, Alytrotoi laoi

Cornell-educated Taro Seki returns to Japan just as the war party gains control. He hopes to work for American engineer O'Hara, and falls for his secretary Tama, but he is drafted. War service in China finally hardens Taro to atrocities, and he returns to Japan a changed man. His father, now a cabinet minister, feels remorse at what war has done to his son and country, but too late to save Taro's foreign friends.

Face au soleil levant Actors and Actresses

Face au soleil levant actors and actresses include Mike Mazurki

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