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Fake-Out was released in the year 1982。Fake-Out is also called as Trampas, Tappava petos, Oszustwo, Nevada Heat, Høyt spill i Las Vegas, Fuera de juego, Fora de Jogo, Cop von Las Vegas, Bulle und das Flittchen

Bobbie Warren (Pia Zadora) is an up and coming Las Vegas nightclub singer with ties to the mob which land her in jail until she agrees to testify. After some harrowing experiences in the clink, she buys her way out by saying she'll squeal and is remanded into the custody of cops Clint Morgan (Desi Arnaz Jr.) and O.W. Thurston (Telly Savalas). They keep her in a casino hotel while she waits to see the D.A. Ostensibly a comedy/thriller, the plot mostly revolves around Bobbie falling in love with Clint while still holding out some hope of escaping the cops' clutches and returning to her boyfriends' arms. Too bad he's already plotting to have her rubbed out.

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