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Family Plot(1976) Images

Family Plot was released in the year 1976。Family Plot is also called as Arvet, Complot de familie, Complotto di famiglia, Deceit, Complot de famille, Family Plot - den enes død..., Intriga em Família, Missing Heir, Oikog, Familiengrab

Fake medium Madam Blanche (Barbara Harris) and her taxi driver boyfriend George (Bruce Dern) make a living by scaming people with her phoney powers. They are hired by an aging widow, Julia Rainbird, to find her nephew who was given away for adoption many years earlier following a family scandal. Meanwhile, an extremely clever couple, diamond merchant Arthur Adamson (William Devine) and his attractive girlfriend Fran (Karen Black), are behind a series of kidnappings of various VIPs in the San Francisco area. The two couples paths soon cross and chaos results in Hitchcock's last film.

Family Plot Actors and Actresses

Family Plot actors and actresses include Bruce Dern, Ed Lauter, Katherine Helmond, William Devane

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