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Fantasmas del pasado was released in the year 1996。Fantasmas del pasado is also called as Ghosts of Mississippi, Ruhot Shel Mississipi, Menneisyyden aaveet, Ghosts from the Past, Fantasmas do Passado, Fantômes du passé, Fantômes du Mississippi, Agguato - Ghosts from the past, Attentat

Ghosts of Mississippi is a drama covering the final trial of the assassin, Bryon De La Beckwith (Woods), of the 60s civil rights leader Medgar Evers. It begins with the murder and the events surrounding the two initial trials which both ended in a hung jury. The movie then covers District Attorney, Bobby DeLaughters (Baldwin) transformation and alliance with Myrlie Evers (Goldberg), wife of Medgar Evers, of the, as he becomes more involved with bringing Beckwith to trial for the third time 30 years later. Some of the characters are played by the actual participants in this story.

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