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Farlig kärlek was released in the year 1931。Farlig kärlek is also called as A Free Soul, Mut zum Glück, Alma libre

Stephen Ashe, an upper class alcoholic defense attourney, successfully defends local mobster Ace Wilfong in a murder case. After his daughter Jan Ashe breaks her engagement to polo player Dwight Winthrop and starts an affair with Wilfong, she finds that the liason is not easily severed when she wants out. Winthrop earns Miss Ashe's true affections by killing Wilfong to break his grip on her. Now the question is, can Stephen Ashe save Winthrop with an impassioned defense speech to the jury?

Farlig kärlek Actors and Actresses

Farlig kärlek actors and actresses include Clark Gable, Lionel Barrymore, Norma Shearer

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