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Fästman för mycket(1943) Images

Fästman för mycket was released in the year 1943。Fästman för mycket is also called as Sweet Rosie O'Grady, Tre er een for mange, Sulhanen liikaa

Music-hall star Madeleine Marlowe leaves London engaged to the Duke of Trippingham only to find back home that Police Gazette hack Samuel A. McGee has exposed her as former burlesque queen Rosie O'Grady. To get her own back she announces that Sam is in fact her real suitor. He in turn has a song about Rosie published and something of an Irish brawl develops via his paper and her stage show.

Fästman för mycket Actors and Actresses

Fästman för mycket actors and actresses include Adolphe Menjou, Betty Grable, Sig Ruman

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