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Ferry to Hong Kong(1959) Images

Ferry to Hong Kong was released in the year 1959。Ferry to Hong Kong is also called as Proscrito de Hong Kong, Passaggio a Hong Kong, Lautta Hongkongiin, Ferry pour Hong-Kong, Færge til Hong Kong, Färja till Hong Kong, Fähre nach Hong Kong, Escala prohibida

Mark Conrad, a habitual drunk and troublemaker with a shady past, is expelled by Hong Kong police after one too many bar fights. He's sent to Macao on the Fa Tsan, a ferry owned by Captain Hart. Conrad's papers are out of order and Macao refuses him entry. Unable to go ashore, Conrad is a permanent passenger on the ferry with Hart, who detests him. It's all one long, lazy voyage for Conrad until one fateful trip when an encounter with a typhoon and pirates forces Conrad to choose between an aimless drifter's life and becoming a man again.

Ferry to Hong Kong Actors and Actresses

Ferry to Hong Kong actors and actresses include Orson Welles

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