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Fight Club was released in the year 1999。Fight Club is also called as Clube de Combate, Clube da Luta, Harcosok klubja, аНИЖНБЯЙХИ йКСА, Club de la pelea, Club de la lucha

You're young. You have an easy, well-paid deskjob. You have a condo, Swedish furniture, artistic coffee tables and a fridge full of condiments. Yet you feel emotionally and spiritually empty. You eventually find comfort in going to support groups for lukemia and cancer victims when there's nothing wrong with you until they're hijacked from you by another faker. Then you meet Tyler Durden, a man that shows you that not only can you live without material needs but that self-destruction, the collapse of society and making dynamite from soap might not be such a bad idea either.

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