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Figlia del vento was released in the year 1938。Figlia del vento is also called as Jezebel, Jezabel, Jezabel la tempestuosa, Insoumise, a Insubmissa, Skandalen kring Julie, Jezebel - Die boshafte Lady

Set in antebellum New Orleans during the early 1850's, this film follows Julie Marsden through her quest for social redemption on her own terms. Julie is a beautiful and free spirited, rapacious Southern belle who is sure of herself and controlling of her fiancé Preston Dillard, a successful young banker. Julie's sensitive but domineering personality--she does not want so much to hurt as to assert her independence--forces a wedge between Preston and herself. To win him back, she plays North against South amid a deadly epidemic of yellow fever which claims a surprising victim.

Figlia del vento Actors and Actresses

Figlia del vento actors and actresses include Bette Davis, Fay Bainter, Henry Fonda

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