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Filibustiere della costa d'oro(1965) Images

Filibustiere della costa d'oro was released in the year 1965。Filibustiere della costa d'oro is also called as Mister Moses, Seikkailija Keniasta, Diamantsmugleren fra guldkysten, Aventurero de Kenya, Südlich vom Pangani-Fluß

The latter-day Mister (Joe) Moses (Robert Mitchum) is a snake-oil pitchman who is chased out of an African village and is found, literally, in the bull-rushes by Jude Anderson (Carroll Baker), daughter of missionary Reverand Anderson (Alexander Knox) who has learned that he is a diamond smuggler and threatens to expose him to her fiancé Robert (Ian Bannen); the district commissioner if he doesn't help lead an African native tribe to their new homeland. With the aid of a pitchman's accessories, including an ability to set fire to a bush, a friendly elephant and his carnival wagon, the schemer is forced to lead his newly found friends out of their settlement which is condemned to be flooded by a new dam.

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