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Flies on Cupid(2000) Images

Flies on Cupid was released in the year 2000。

Johnny Hayes (Morgan Daniel), a once upon a time TV star, now down on his luck and in debt with the mob (Jon Polito, Michael A. Candela), calls on his close friends Eric & Lisa (Shane Conrad, Donna Barnes) to bail him out. Johnny faces a whirlwind of problems as he goes about trying to repay his debt, and ultimately finds true love in the arms of his best friend's wife. With a serial killer on the loose, a landlord with mafia blood in his veins, and a gun toting Bohemian girlfriend (Linda Kim) who is determined to save the day with the help of Johnny's brother (Mitchell Whitfield). The twisted entanglement finds Johnny, his friends and the rest of the ensemble cast a chronological trip to purgatory!

Flies on Cupid Actors and Actresses

Flies on Cupid actors and actresses include Darrin Reed, Jon Polito

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