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Flûte enchantée(1975) Images

Flûte enchantée was released in the year 1975。Flûte enchantée is also called as Trollflöjten, Zauberflöte, Tryllefløjten, Taikahuilu, Magemenos avlos, Flauto magico, The Magic Flute, Flauta mágica, A Flauta Mágica

The Queen of the Night (Birgit Nordin) offers his daughter Pamina (Irma Urrila) to Tamino (Josef Köstlinger), but he has to bring her back from her father and priest Sarastro (Ulrik Cold). She gives a magic flute to Tamino and magic bells to the bird hunter Papageno (Håkan Hagegård), who follows Tamino and wants to find a wife. The duo travels in a journey of love and knowledge.

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