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For Keeps? was released in the year 1988。For Keeps? is also called as Per gioco e... per amore, Na zawsze, Maybe Baby - Am Anfang war der Klapperstorch, Mais ou Menos Grávida, La que hemos armado, Et si on le gardait?, Maybe Baby

Darcy, editor at her highschool paper, and her long-term boyfriend Stan are in their last months of school and already have found places in good colleges. Recently they started to sleep with each other and, surprise, surprise, Darcy gets pregnant. Neither Darcy's mother, who was left by her husband and had to bring up Darcy alone, nor Stan's catholic parents are very supportive and urge them to have an abortion or give up for adoption respectively. However Darcy's and Stan's love is so intense, they could imagine to have a baby, but this would mean to give up their college carriers.

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