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Forever Lulu was released in the year 2000。Forever Lulu is also called as Along for the Ride, Coup de foudre pour toujours, Croisée des chemins, Ikuisesti Lulu, Loving Lulu

Lulu McAfee lives in a San Francisco home for mentally-ill adults. In June 1999, she bolts for L.A. and contacts Ben Clifton, an old flame, now unhappily writing for TV and unhappily married to a psychiatrist, Claire. Ben is ready to call Lulu's doctor when she tells him they have a son, born after she became ill and their affair ended. He calls Claire to tell her he's driving Lulu to Wisconsin to meet the boy on his 16th birthday, a visit Lulu claims is arranged. On the drive, Lulu tries to rekindle the affair and restart Ben's idealism. Meanwhile, Claire boards a plane to Madison to watch her marriage collapse. Is there really a son? What emotional landmines will the trip set off?

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