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Forja de hombres was released in the year 1938。Forja de hombres is also called as Boys Town, Tulevaisuuden miehiä, Teufelskerle, Jugend am Abgrund, Han som tänkte med hjärtat, Drengebyen, Con los brazos abiertos, Città dei ragazzi

Against all odds Father Flanagan starts "Boys' Town" after hearing a convict's story. Whitey Marsh comes there. He runs away but, hungry, returns. He runs away again but, when friend Pee Wee is hit by a car, returns. He runs away and joins his brother's gang. Flanagan and the boys capture the crooks and the reward saves the town.

Forja de hombres Actors and Actresses

Forja de hombres actors and actresses include Spencer Tracy

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