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Friday the 13th Part III was released in the year 1982。Friday the 13th Part III is also called as Fredagen den 13:e del 3, Friday the 13th Part 3, Martes 13: Parte 3, Piatek 13 czesc 3, Meurtres en 3 dimensions, 3e partie, 3ª parte, Week, Und wieder ist Freitag

Originally filmed in 3-D, Friday the 13th Part 3 presents another chapter in the life (or should I say after-life) of Jason, a boy who drowned in the waters of Crystal Lake. Camp counselors have proven to be no match for Jason in the earlier films of this series, but this time he encounters more formidable opponents in the form of members of a motorcycle gang. The action takes place on a rustic farm that provides both the serene setting and the privacy Jason desires when stalking his prey.

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