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Fugitive Hunter was released in the year 2005。Fugitive Hunter is also called as End of the Law

Quick is sinking fast: deep in debt, facing eviction in thirty days and watching his family slowly slip through his grasp. With no place to turn, Quick resorts to the ruthless and lucrative world of fugitive recovery, becoming a front runner in a band of veteran bail recovery agents-bounty hunters-working for Neil Swift, an old friend and partner of Quick's father. Enjoying sudden and unexpected prosperity, Quick finds himself at the top of his game, unaware that he is in the middle of a deadly conspiracy. Stumbling upon a suspicious file, Quick and his best friend Keno soon find themselves chasing Travian Woods, an elusive and dangerous criminal with mysterious ties to Swift Bail Bond Agency. With the aid of Tracy, an informant, Quick uncovers not only the tracks of his prey but also the ulterior motives of Swift. Digging deeper, he realizes that it is his own grave he is digging, and the hunter becomes the hunted. End of the Law is an action-packed look into the real world of fugitive recovery agents and the truth behind bounty hunting, an age-old occupation often shrouded in myth and mystery. Based on true events, this story reflects the time in American history leading up to the year 2000, when legislation changed fugitive recovery in America, forever.

Fugitive Hunter Actors and Actresses

Fugitive Hunter actors and actresses include Jason Bortz, Rob Anthony Gray

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