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G-Men(1935) Images

G-Men was released in the year 1935。G-Men is also called as 'G' Men, Pattuglia dei senza paura, Lain oikealle puolelle, Hors la loi, G-Men (Gangsterdämmerung), G'Men, FBI-Mann, Contra el imperio del crimen, FBI-Agent

It's the early days of the F.B.I. - federal agents working for the Department of Justice. Though they've got limited powers - they don't carry weapons and have to get local police approval for arrests - that doesn't stop fresh Law School grad Eddie Buchanan from joining up, and he encourages his former roommate James "Brick" Davis (James Cagney) to do so as well. But Davis wants to be an honest lawyer, not a shyster, despite his ties to mobster boss McKay, and he's intent on doing so, until Buchanan is gunned down trying to arrest career criminal Danny Leggett. Davis soon joins the "G-Men" as they hunt down Leggett (soon-to-be Public Enemy Number One) and his cronies Collins and Durfee, who are engaged in a crime and murder spree from New York to the midwest.

G-Men Actors and Actresses

G-Men actors and actresses include James Cagney, Ward Bond

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