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Garbo Talks! was released in the year 1984。Garbo Talks! is also called as Garbo Talks, Garbo puhuu, Garbo mówi, Garbo dice, Göttliche, Buscando a Greta, À la recherche de Garbo

Estelle is a one-person protest army: she goes to jail over grocery prices, shames construction workers for catcalls to passing women, and won't cross a picket line for her son's wedding. She also loves Garbo films: when she learns she has a brain tumor and six months to live, she decides she must meet Garbo. Her dutiful son Gilbert, a Manhattan accountant named for Garbo's co-star, hires a paparazzo to show him Garbo's flat, stakes it out, gets a job delivering food there, seeks her on Fire Island, and tracks her to a Sixth Avenue flea market. As his obsession distances him from his wife, he's drawn to a struggling actress he meets at work. Can he find Garbo; if so, will she talk?

Garbo Talks! Actors and Actresses

Garbo Talks! actors and actresses include Carrie Fisher, Catherine Hicks, Harvey Fierstein

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